Opt-In Lead Generation Service

A Smart Way To Stock Up On Your Lead Funnel.

Incoming Leads are the life line of your business. Partner with us today and have us deliver fresh leads daily. We will put your offer in front of tens of thousands of targeted audience on our network 24/7 - along with your subscribe form. You pay only for the opt-ins coming from the promotion.

Know Your Cost Per Lead.

Knowing your cost-per-lead (CPL) makes your marketing more strategic. It gives you confidence in planning where to invest for your advertising, whom to advertise with, and when to advertise.

Take a closer look at how much it is costing you to acquire one lead from your latest marketing campaigns.

Here is the formula to calculate your CPL:

Cost / #Of Leads = Cost-Per-Lead

For example: If you are paying $0.70 per click to drive 1000 visitors to your campaign. The cost of this campaign would be $0.70 X 1000 = $700. If you get a 20% lead conversion for this campaign, then you have 200 Leads. Your Cost-Per-Lead in this case would be $3.50.

$700 / 200 = $3.50 CPL
$700 / 100 = $7.00 CPL...etc

If your funnel is converting front end sales, then you should be able to recover the ad cost right away. In most cases, the actual profit happens when you start up selling to your leads. This is the model we use to determine how much you can afford to spend to purchase leads.

Now, wouldn't it make absolute sense if you can acquire the same quality lead for far less than $3.50? I am sure that you would agree with this 100%.

Opt-In Lead Network

Opt In Lead Generation
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Opt-in leads are the highest quality leads you can get because subscribers are opting in by their own choice to receive more information from you.

Webpreneur Media works with several publishers and networks that currently generates millions of page views per month. We can embed your offer on our network along with your pre-populated Opt-In form and generate leads for you daily.

Since we embed your form-field from your mailing list (autoresponder service) into the offer, your welcome message and email series are triggered right away.

Once the initial setup is done, leads are automatically deposited into your mailing list and autoresponder. Depending on the network's traffic and the demographics that you choose leads may vary in numbers.

What Do We Require From Your End.

To setup the funnel and offer, we will require some settings done on your mailing list (autoresponder account).

  1. Your list setting should be "Single Opt-in".
  2. You submit button should be set to open on a "new window".
  3. We will need your form-code to embed on our pages.
  4. We will need you to add a conversion pixel on your sales page and thank you page.

(In some cases, you may not be able to add or change your sales page. If you are not able to add a conversion pixel, we can use a standard thank you page in place of it.)

What Fields Are Included.

The form contains basic fields for an opt-in. We cannot collect phone numbers or any other custom information from the subscriber.

  1. First Name and Last Name or Full Name
  2. Email Address (pre-populated emails are double opt-in verified from our publisher's end)

Affordable & Scalable.

Buying leads that do not come directly from your specific offer is hard to convert, and mostly considered SPAM.

Leads that you acquire from us are from subscribers who have already seen your offer and subscribed to it online. Your first welcome message will also introduce your brand to them right away. This is the way a lead should be collected and followed up.

Depending on the audience and target market, most leads online will cost you from $3.00 to $8.00 per lead. But, we have kept our rates affordable for small businesses and Internet Marketers.

Prices are as low as $1.00 to $1.25 Per Lead!

Ready To Grow your Business? It Starts Right Here!

Three packages to choose from...

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    Webpreneur Media (formerly Multiple Stream Media) services are the BEST fully integrated solution for any marketer. No one else includes all the tools you need to be successful. If you're in internet marketing business, it's costing you money not to be a member today.
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