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The Secret To Successful Marketing Is "Getting It Done" - Consistently.

Our team of experts will make sure whatever else is going on in your business, your traffic and lead generation always gets done.

Obstacles To Achieving The "Internet Lifestyle".

There are a lot of obstacles to achieving the Internet lifestyle.  Sometimes it seems like you move one step forward only to get pushed back two. Well there are a lot of reasons.  It could be bad information, or a lack of motivation, or a failure to plan.  These as are all contributing factors.  But ultimately I feel people give up because they simply feel overwhelmed.

As Webpreneurs we know this for a fact - Traffic, list building, and lead generation is forever present, so long as we are in business. We spend a lot of time figuring it out and testing things out, and starting all over again -- and we get stressed over it.

The three main factors that stops us from moving forward are:

1. The Time Factor.

Even as expert marketers, traffic generation and list building are always on top of our list. But, most marketers don't enjoy doing these daily necessary tasks. It takes you away from doing what you love doing. Even if you love marketing, traffic and lead generation is different. It takes time, patience, and an eye for details to be able to be profitable from your campaigns.

2. The Experience Factor.

Traffic generation and List building can be improved with trial and error, but it will cost you plenty. It takes certain skills and expertise to plan a campaign, schedule them, and know when to optimize them. If you are starting out then you may not have the needed skills to get the maximum results from your campaigns.

3. The Consistency Factor.

The only secret to marketing is "getting it done". Consistently. If you can do your traffic generation and list building tasks every day for a period of time, each time tweaking it and improving it - you will most likely succeed. It's never a good idea to stop your traffic generation activities or to do it sparsely. It's must be an ongoing task.

What if there is an easier way to tackle this problem WITHOUT spending a lot of money and WITHOUT worrying too much about it?

A Simple, Intelligent Done-For-You Traffic & List Building Solution

As an agency, it's our urgent responsibility to find the biggest problems that is haunting Webpreneurs and providing solutions that makes your life easier and your wallets a lot heavier.

Our "Power Promotion DFY" is an ongoing Advertising, Traffic, and List Building campaign done-for-you by experienced online marketers.

  1. We design your ads and creatives.
  2. We launch and schedule your campaigns on our publisher network.
  3. We guarantee exposure, traffic, and subscribers daily.

All we need is your offer page, and a few minutes of your time to discuss your goals.

How Do We Do It?

We do it by keeping good connections and business dealings with online publishers, websites, and networks. Traffic sources are within our network and sometimes outside of our network. All of your ads and tracking are available within and This is where we create campaigns and track it for you.

A campaign manager is assigned for you to consult and to help all the help that you need before, during, and after each campaign is launched.

Who Is This Right For?

The “Power Promotion DFY” is for marketers and business owners who wish to seek expert help and see fast results with their online business. If you can relate to any of the following scenario, then you will benefit:

  1. Small business owner looking to scale your business quickly.
  2. Affiliate marketer who needs daily traffic and results.
  3. Network marketer who is looking to get more referrals.
  4. Online Coach looking for expert help and leverage.

We have helped many small businesses and online marketers start their list building from scratch, and have taken them to new heights by adding tens of thousands of new subscribers to their in-house lists. We can help you too.

  • Internet Business Coach, Terry Dean,
    Webpreneur Media (formerly Multiple Stream Media) services are the BEST fully integrated solution for any marketer. No one else includes all the tools you need to be successful. If you're in internet marketing business, it's costing you money not to be a member today.
    Internet Business Coach, Terry Dean,

What is included in the package?

  • Copywriting and Ad Design (normal price $250)

    Writing persuasive ads and designing professional advertising design is a crucial part of your campaign's success. Our team will design all your ads for the monthly campaign.

  • Recommended Email To Our Inhouse & Buyers List (normal price $499 p/m)

    We will send 2 personally written and recommended email to our in-house lists per month. Mailing will be scheduled every other week.

(Tracking, reporting, and consultation calls are included)

  • 2000 Solo Ad Clicks Per Month (normal price $520 p/m)

    Email Solo ads bring in tons of new subscribers and sales fast. Our solo ad network ( works with top publishers in your specific niche. We guarantee a 2000 click campaign per month.

  • Min. 500 Leads Per Month From Our Co-reg Network (normal price $99/pm)

    Your offer will be displayed on our thank you pages. Leads collected will be available for you to download it daily. Expect an average 20 leads per day.

How Much Does It Cost To Get In On The Power Promotion DFY?

The services included in this monthly package are valued at $1368.

Professional Custom Design - Ad Copywriting - 2000 Solo Ad Clicks Per Month - Two Personally Recommended Emails To Our Private Subscriber Database (+225K Subscribers) Per Month - 500 Co-reg Leads Per Month - 24/7 Tracking & Reporting - Ongoing Campaign Optimization - Professional Support Via Phone, Live Chat, and Email.

Subscribe Today For

Only $497 / Per Month

No Hassles - No Contracts - Cancel anytime.

What Happens After I Subscribe?

After you have subscribed to the Power Promotion DFY marketing, we will contact you to get you started. If you did not hear from us within 2 hours, please email us or CALL US. 1(845) 383 1007

Phone Orders Call: 1(845) 383 1007

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